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AMACO : Celadon : Mulberry

AMACO : Celadon : Mulberry


This 100% mixable Celadon glaze is a deep, glossy purple that pools and accents textured ware like the ancient glazes it was created to imitate.

The AMACO Celadon glazes are glossy, transparent, and pool beautifully to add vivid accents to textured and carved surfaces. These playful celadons come in many colours and are 100% mixable- great for finding that perfect colour!

•Translucent for textured surfaces 
•Mixable colours for custom palette 
•Cone 5 / 6 
•Look great under AMACO Potter's Choice Glazes (3 coat/ 3 coat)
•Safe for spray application

Safety Warning
Tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination.


Safety Data Sheet