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We offer a general firing service and a whole kiln hire to the public.

Please review the two different services we offer, as to choose which one suits your firing needs.


The following guidelines are outlined to make this the best possible firing service available. To ensure the safety of all customers, our staff and equipment, take a moment to read through and abide by the following. Please note that whilst we take great care with your work, we will not take responsibility for work that goes missing or is damaged in the process.




  • Work that is wet. It must be 100% dry when it is placed on the firing shelves. Evaporating moisture inside the kiln can cause the kiln to rust & can damage the brick. If work is cool to the touch then there is still moisture in it. Also, when moisture is heated it expands and will explode.

  • Work that contains any foreign materials (paper, metal, wood, organics etc.) This burnout will damage elements.

  • Glazed greenware (raw clay). This can be hazardous to the work and the kiln.

  • Greenware to maturity temperatures. All work must be bisque fired first. This is a safety precaution.

  • Work with glazed bases. This will stick to the kiln shelf during firing.

  • Solid or extremely thick pieces. Anything thicker than 3cm MAX is likely to explode.

  • Work that is hazardous to the staff or our kilns. Safety first!




  • Make sure that your work is placed on the correct firing shelf & is ready to be fired. Putting work on the wrong shelf endangers everyone else’s work in the kiln. If you are unsure, ask a staff member for help.

  • Poke a hole in your piece if it is hollow and fully enclosed. This WILL explode if you don’t (AKA Kiln Grenade).

  • Write your name or uniquely mark your work to more easily identify and collect from the shelves. This also helps to prevent accidentally collecting someone else’s work.

  • Get to know your materials. This is a fun process! Test new products and combinations. Be aware that some glazes run more than others. Educating yourself and becoming familiar with your materials will prevent some/most of any possible damage to your work, others’ work and the kiln.

  • Take your boxes with you; they will be recycled if left behind. Shelf space is limited & is not for storage.

  • Bring your own box & packing material when you pick up your work as we do not supply these items.



  • Touch or move another person’s work, EVER.

  • Hassle staff in person or via technology about timelines, progress, etc – you must be prepared to wait and no guarantees can be made for turnaround times.




  • If kiln shelves are damaged (due to overflowing glaze, use of improper materials, work that has been placed on the wrong shelf, etc.) you will be charged a cleaning fee of $35 per damaged shelf.

  • If your work ruins a kiln shelf, you will be charged for the cost of replacing that shelf with a new one, up to the discretion of staff.

  • If your work damages the interior of the kiln, you are required to pay a fine based on the severity of the damage to be determined by the manager and professional repair person.

  • If your work damages someone else's, it is a huge bummer, but not the responsibility of any gritCERAMICS staff. This is the risk you take when firing in a public kiln.


    *Please note: We do NOT prepare work to be fired – it will be fired exactly as it is. If a piece isn't suitable to fire according to guidelines, it will not go in the kiln.


If you have beads or small pieces they must firstly be placed directly onto a bead rack or a small shelf and then they can be placed onto the firing shelves. This means you are responsible to load your own bead racks or small shelfs BEFORE placing them on the firing shelves. You must supply your own bead rack. This is to maintain efficiency and fast turnaround of the Firing Service.


Our Firing Service caters to a large range of ceramic work and because of this our kilns are NOT set up for production purposes.


All of our kilns are electric and therefore we can only fire work under oxidised atmospheres. We take extra precaution to make sure your work fires safely, but accidents do happen and we are unable to make any guarantees in regards to final results. Ceramics is a very volatile medium and sometimes mishaps occur that we do not expect. We strongly recommend that you do a lot of testing and leave yourself a vast amount of time to complete any project. There are always surprises in ceramics.


Any work that is not collected after 30 days will become the property of gritCERAMICS and will be disposed of or donated to our community op shop.




  • Firing is charged by weight (min 1kg) our standard firing ranges are as follows

  • BISQUE 960 – 1000 c $8.50/kg

  • MIDFIRE GLAZE 1180 – 1220 c $10/kg


  • You must pay for your work EVERY time it is fired and you are responsible to pay regardless of results. This is NOT an opportunity to pick and choose what you are satisfied with.

  • Turnaround times can vary, depending on the demand and production schedule.

  • On rare occasions turn around may be longer if a kiln is experiencing issues or is undergoing maintenance.

  • Please remember that the General Firing Service is a community firing and your work will share shelves with other potters of varying experience levels. Although we take extra safety precautions to make sure everything fires smoothly, work is always at risk. There are NO guarantees.





  • Kiln 1 XL Tetlow - 60 x 60 x 90 - $400.00

  • Kiln 2 Medium Paragon Round - 55 x 55 x 55 - $200.00


  • Whole Kiln Hire is booked on availability and may be subject to a wait list.

  • Whole kilns are booked with our Retail Staff and must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable.

  • Whole kilns are loaded and fired by NPS staff, NOT the customer.

  • If you are firing to a specific cone, temperature, or have a specific firing schedule you will need to provide your own cones.

  • It is still necessary to bisque all work, we cannot take raw work to temperature or fire glazed green ware.

  • You are responsible for the results of custom firings. Remember that every kiln is different.

  • Achieving the same results in different kilns can be tricky even when firing to the same cone or temperature.

  • We use Orton witness cones for quality control purposes. However, our firings are controlled by digital computers that read temperature, not heat work. Because of this we highly recommend appropriate testing is done before a final custom firing.