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Clay is a molecule cocktail of our human history.

We honour the materials & the efforts necessary to bring the earth to our tables.

Let's strive to celebrate more, gather often and embrace the deep connection that is available in the mindful moments of every day.

We value you, our client, and we deeply respect the slow process of earthworking. From start to finish, the clay journey calls on the potter to rest in that space that exists between action and surrender. It is from here creativity and true inspiration flows, where we can be guided from the beginning to the very end point of each unique commission.

You are investing in our practice of perseverance, resilience and true grit.

Large or small, every collaboration project is equally important, and made to order in our beach side gritLAB studio.

We love to help amplify other brands with our local, handcrafted touch. Due our small batch capacity and the deep commitment to personal attention, we contract limited and selective design packages each year.

Please keep in mind, ceramics is a process that refuses to be rushed.

The potter and the chef are ultimately destined for a synergistic relationship and our passion lies in these unique collaborations. We co-exist as artists and here at gritCERAMICS, this fusion of clay and food is highly celebrated.

The beauty of a true collaborative project pushes and stretches the imagination of everyone involved. When creatives unite, competition dissolves and our true human nature is revealed.

Bring us your unique concept and together we will give new life to your establishment.

Some of the brands and restaurants we currently collaborate with

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